Monday, March 23, 2015

Guess who's back? Back again

Channeling my inner "Eminem" as I'm now living in Michigan just a stones throw away from Detroit.

Here's what you missed.  I had a baby 10 months ago and it's been about 9 months since my last post. I guess you could say I had a baby and fell off the face of social earth.

My daughter, Molly, we'll call her Mo, is the single greatest thing ever. Except around 3 AM when she becomes the worst.  Seriously though, she's such a happy baby.  And we think she's super smart.  Her doc said "as advanced as an 18 month old" at her 9 month appointment.  Whoo!  I must have done something right...  Which was to move home, where my mom can help take care of and educate Mo.

So we moved. to Michigan. in December, to be a part of the most pleasant time of year. Thankfully it hasn't been too snowy but it's freezing.  I was not cut out for winters.  Currently my dad, mom, sister, husband and daughter are all living under one roof.  It's cozy.  And really not bad, it's actually kind of great.  I love that my family gets to spend so much time with Mo, and Mo with them.

Why did we move, you ask.  More for later.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Post Baby Must Haves

Molly is my first baby so I had no idea what to expect during pregnancy, birth and the dreaded first few weeks after.  I say "dreaded" because everything I read made those first few weeks after baby sound terrifying.  I actually wasn't very nervous about pushing out a baby, I was petrified about what was to come after.

Turns out, not that bad.  And I'd like to think it's partially because I spent a lot of time researching (Pinterest, let's me real) different things that will make my life better post-baby.  So here is a list of life savers.  These are things I actually used and why I love them.  Hope they help you, too!

Belmama aka The Shower Hug
Not everyone tells you how extremely painful breastfeeding can be.  Your poor boobs take a beating and this wrap is heaven for those boobies.  Don't believe me? Try taking a shower one day after breastfeeding.  I bet you surrender good hygiene because it's so painful.

Well this wrap is so soft against your sensitive skin and the Velcro allows you to make this as tight or loose as you want.  Seriously, it's amazing so just buy it.

Prescription Nipple Meds
In keeping with breastfeeding pain, ask your doctor about prescription medicine.  There are a couple different kinds out there so just ask you doctor (if they don't just write you a prescription).  When we took Molly for her first appointment I told her doctor I had no idea how painful breastfeeding was.  She looked at me like I'm such a rookie and then wrote me a prescription.  She's another angel.  Thank you, Dr. Stearns.

Bravado Nursing Bra
You can find nursing bras everywhere: Target, Macy's, Maternity stores and I've bought them everywhere in the search for a comfortable, sturdy bra that lifts.  Well those stores don't have it.

Bravado is amazingly comfortable, has thick back support, doesn't come unsnapped easily. It's worth every penny. (PS - I bought this on Amazon)

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle
I am by no means back to sexy pre-pregnancy me ; ) but I'm pretty close.  Actually, I'm back to pre-pregnancy weight but I also lost weight my first trimester so I'd like to get back there, which means I have just a few lbs to go.  I did not work out much during my pregnancy (but I did do Tracy Anderson's pregnancy DVD.  It's awesome because she's pregnant too) and did not start working out post-baby until my 6 week you're-good-to-go appointment.  

This is not at all comfortable a few days after, duh.  And you may be broken hearted to find it's very difficult to put on right away but you just built a person.  It's ok.  Seriously, it is amazing!  This is another one where I believe you should just buy it.  (I also bought this on Amazon)

Always Radiant Pads
So this isn't the most glamorous product but it's a necessity.  Sorry ladies, you'll have to wear pads so you might as well be comfortable.  These were perfect.  They seem a little thick but they're weightless.  Never felt like I was wearing a pad, thank goodness!

Sleep Number Bed
Ok, so this one is super expensive and not at all necessary but you will be amazed at how incredible this bed is.  Think about it.  What determines whether you have a good or bad day (more or less) - how you sleep.

You don't sleep much when pregnant and you sleep even less once you have the baby so don't you want those few hours you are sleeping to be amazing? My husband knew I wasn't sleeping well while pregnant so we went to look at Sleep Number beds, just to check it out.  Well, we fell in love and now we sleep like champs.  I seriously have never slept so well.  Usually, I would love staying at hotels and getting a "good nights sleep" but now I can't wait to get home.  I know it's expensive and quite a monetary commitment but this bed has saved my sleep.

Hey husband's - have you ever heard of a push present?  This is a great option : )

Molly's Birth Story

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I won't share the dirty details so don't worry, you won't read about that here!  To be quite honest though, there really aren't any dirty details (minus the obvious), it was a surprising pleasant experience.  So here goes...

It was Thursday May 22nd.  I was scheduled to show up at the hospital at 8 PM for my induction Friday morning.  I was trying my best to keep myself occupied.  PT was working on a DIY Bar project (details coming soon) so he was running to and from Home Depot.  And my mom was on her way down to Virginia to help with the dog while we were in the hospital and help me once we were home.

My mom showed up around 5:30 PM.  Our plan was to go to dinner, get our stuff all ready and then head to the hospital.  Well right before we left for dinner, around 6 PM, I started having contractions.  I was timing them at 4 minutes apart and they were rough.  We decided to order in and after two bites of my sandwich, I knew it was time to go.  The contractions came fast but they were not messing around.  PT wanted to wait a bit longer but as soon as my mom heard me yell, "I'm never doing this again!" she told PT it was probably time to go.

We get to the hospital (about a 2 minute drive) and while checking in, the doctor from our practice is leaving...  He doesn't feel well so he's headed home but he said we'll be taken care of - add that to the already long list of things I have no idea what to expect!  As soon as we get all set up in L&D (including 4 attempts to get the IV in)  the nurse checks me out and I'm 4 cm dilated, pretty good.  Contractions were progressing to 3 minutes apart and were really intense.  I needed that epidural.  Thankfully, I didn't have to wait too long.  I think I had the epidural by 10 PM.  And let me tell you, as soon as I get that epidural, I'm set.  I'm a very happy camper.

My left leg has gone numb from the epidural so the nurse helps me readjust.  This is where things start getting a little scary for me.  Laying on my right side, Molly's heart rate decreases dramatically.  They quickly put an oxygen mask on me and position me back on my left side and we're back to normal, except my left leg.

Hours passed, we continued to progress and around 12:30 AM I started pushing.  We finally met the doctor who I'm certain was an angel.  According to our nurse, the doctor who left when we were checking in and doctor we would have had if I had been induced both push c-sections.  I was willing to have a c-section if that's what needed to happen for safety sake but not just to free up a bed.  The doctor who ended up delivering Molly was 60+.  She was amazing!  She took care of Molly and I very well and not once was c-section brought up.  She was our angel.

And then Molly joined the world at 1:40 AM.  I didn't even know she was out because my epidural was so strong which I'm very thankful for because had I known Molly was out and not crying I may have lost it.  Her cord was wrapped around her neck twice hence the no screaming.  PT said the doctor quickly moved the cord and Molly was fine.  She had meconium right before she came out so the NICU nurse was standing by.  After a quick check up, she was all mine.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Well you've guessed it.  I'm still pregnant.  I know I really shouldn't complain because I'm only 3 days over my due date and if you ask PT my "real" due date is May 21st which is tomorrow so there's that (Why you is tomorrow my "real" due date when this whole time I've been saying it's May 17th?  Well when we first found out I was pregnant they gave us the due date of May 17th.  Then when we had the 20 week sono they told me the due date is May 21st.  Sorry, but after 16 weeks of thinking my due date was May 17th, I wasn't mentally changing that date).

Anyways like I said, I'm still pregnant.  But worst case scenario, I'll only be pregnant for 3 more days!  I know I should just enjoy this time before things get crazy but I'm sore and tired and can't easily move.  My fingers are numb, I'm swollen, I can't sleep.  This won't change when Molly joins us but at least I'll get to hang out with my daughter.

To avoid being induced, I'm trying as many methods of natural induction as possible.  Last night I had a big glass of ginger beer under the direction of PT because he knows how to have kids.  Again, I'm still pregnant but was graced with 2+ hours of strong contractions starting at 2 AM.  7 minutes 30 seconds apart for 2 hours and then nothing.  Just like that.  So I need your help - what worked for you?  What should I try?

In the words of Mrs. MacAllister, "I'm desperate.  From a mother to a mother, please."

Monday, May 12, 2014

So here's the deal...

In case you're interested to know the status of this baby, well, join the club.  We seem to be making no progress together so that's great.  But really, here's the deal, I'm due on Saturday and I'd like to try the new Mango-Rita.

I've had a good number of contractions but so far they've just been practice.  I think one of the hardest parts for me is the unknown.  What's going to happen first? How bad will the pain be? Will I be at work, home, out and about? How long will everything last? Will everything go smoothly? It's kind of terrifying but I have no control (ughhh, which PT loves).  All I can do is pray for strength and a healthy baby.

In case she decides to take after her father and be late to the show, we now have an end date in sight!  We scheduled the induction for May 23rd.  We're almost there but please pray she comes sooner than that.  Really, please start praying now because as you can see below at 39 weeks we're running outta room.

I've had many people guess I'll have this baby Wednesday or Thursday this week but what about you? When do you think Molly will show up?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Post Baby Outfits

I've already purchased 3 post-pregnancy outfits.  No pressure to get back to pre-baby weight...

I CANNOT wait to wear "normal" clothes again.  I'm so over my 4 maternity outfits that barely fit.  I'm so excited for all the adorable outfits this spring and summer will bring.

All complete with the Jack Rogers Monogram sandals I just treated myself to.

Post Baby Outfits

Long sleeve dress
$58 -

J Crew j crew dress
$380 -

Alice You green top

Wallis polyester shirt
$51 -

Dorothy Perkins blazer

Jack Rogers sandals

Kate Spade post earrings

Miss Selfridge necklace

Bead necklace

Pieces chain bracelet
$56 -

7 For All Mankind belt

ASOS belt

Letters to Molly

I've decided to put together a little segment called "Letters to Molly".  Not really meant for her to read, well maybe one day, but just little notes and thoughts to/for/about Ms. Molly.

Dear Molly,

You're not due for 10 more days which means you probably won't show up for at least 15 but I've decided it's time to do this.  Since I'm your mother, I'd appreciate it if you'd listen to me and come on out.  I know if your dad told you to come meet us you'd listen because you already listen to him.  When he asks you to calm down, you do.  I can be crying from the pain and uncomfortable-ness, begging and pleading for you to stop moving so much so I can sleep, but no.  You don't stop.  Until your dad asks.  You're already a daddy's girl and I'm already left out.  But I just want to let you know, so far my contribution to this pregnancy outweighs his.  No need to say thank you, but you're welcome.

Your mom

P.S. I've been a pretty great sport the past few weekends, staying up super late so I can by the DD for your dad these last few weeks.  He owes me.