Thursday, February 20, 2014

Week 27

Sorry I've been slacking, I don't even have an excuse.  Oh well, here's another update!

We're now 13 weeks till the due date but my mom delivered me early so I'm mentally preparing myself to be early (just in case).

I've been really good this pregnancy with reading very little - I figure, the less I know, the less crazy and scared I'll be.  Well - insert Pinterest here.  I LOVE Pinterest.  It's close to my favorite leisure activity - just laying on the couch, watching a chick flick, pinning away.  Until I read one article, "Things know one tells you".  It should have been called, "Read this only if you plan on never having children".  It detailed the few weeks after you've given birth.  Oh. My. NO!  I'm no longer scared about the birth and all the pain I hear comes with it - I'm scared about the after.

Thank God I have a wonderful husband who will love me through it all.  Right, babe : )


  1. Hahahahahaha. I read that article before I had Rose too....girl it's sooo scary sounding! And I won't lie it ain't pretty after...but honestly you are so distracted from your sweet girl and being exhausted (won't lie) that you just sleep it alll of, when you can. But #7 about hating your husband (especially if you plan to breastfeed) is soooo true. Just warning PT...

  2. I didn't read the article, and after is tough, but it's not that bad. You'll do great and you'll have a wonderful little bundle to hold and cherish. Also, you'll watch your husband not only love you, but also look with adoration on your tiny little girl. You look beautiful and happy pinning ;)